Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Warriors: Chapter Nine(Thunderclan)

   This was the best thing ever. Darkpaw was Dewberrys apprentice and she was so perfect. She was bubbly and fun. She seemed to be full of excitement every day. Dewberry curled up in a ball in her warm nest. She watched the snow fall and drifted off into a sweet, happy, slumber. 
   She woke up in the middle of the night to Moonpelt nudging her. She blinked sleepily.
   ''What is it? Moonpelt?'' She sat up and noticed that the cat who had woken her was not Moonpelt. It was a black tom with yellow streaks. She opened her mouth to yowl but he flicked a tail across her muzzle. She cocked her head and let him pull her out. Once they were in the forest, he let her go.
    '' Who are you? Why did you take me out of camp?'' She poured out questions after questions.
    '' I am Oliveleaf from Riverclan. I took you out of camp because we need your help. The question is, will you help us?'' Dewberry cocked her head again.
    '' We? Us?'' She watched in horror as a she-cat and a tom emerged into the moonlight. There was a sleek gray tom, and a mottled gray and white she-cat. Dewberry smelled at once that they were from different clans. She sighed.
    '' Oh, all right. I'll help you. Slatefeather.'' Slatefeather nodded and pushed the she-cat forward.
    '' This is Mistyheart. She is from Shadowclan.'' Dewberry nodded. She had no idea what they needed her to help them with, but she would do it. She followed them deeper into the forest and farther away from camp. Worry bubbled in her belly but she shoved it down. Slatefeather would not let anything happen to her. Or maybe that was a part of the plan. She shook herself and decided to listen to what Mistyheart was meowing.
    '' A whole different clan. How exciting!'' Slatefeather nodded.
    '' And it's up to us to save it.'' The two had some sort of relationship that Dewberry couldn't quite place a paw on. She shrugged the thought off. Maybe they were just curious like she was. Dewberry decided to stop worrying. Everything was going to be okay. The small group stopped at a huge willow tree. Dewberry looked at how sad it looked.
    '' We rest here.'' Oliveleaf meowed. Dewberry settled down among the cats and put her mottled tail over her nose. She slowly fell asleep and did not wake up again.       

Warriors: Chapter Eight(Riverclan)

  Oliveleaf followed Foxmuzzle into Shadestar's den. He had to ask his faithful mother something. Oliveleaf peered around Foxmuzzle and flicked Softfeather forward. Foxmuzzle turned to the two littermates.
   '' You had better hurry. We have to go on a patrol along the Shadowclan border.'' Oliveleaf nodded and shooed him away. Softfeather padded to her mothers side.
   '' Shadestar. We have to tell you something.'' Shadestar cocked her head and fixed her gaze on her kits. Oliveleaf shook out his yellow streaked fur and stepped forward.
   '' Me and Softfeather were given a prophecy.'' he began. Shadestar sat up, ears pricked and urged him to go on. '' We saw some cats that we didn't recognize.'' He explains their descriptions and watched his mother hopefully. She showed no signs of recognization. He sighed. ''We didn't recognize them either. We think they are from another clan.''
    Shadestar looked at them confused.
'' But there have always been four clans in the forest. Right?'' Oliveleaf shrugged and thought of the Queens face. It was so pained. She needed help.
    '' Something was wrong!'' he yowled suddenly. Softfeather looked up. Oliveleaf looked at the two she-cats desperately. '' The Queen! Her kits were stuck! We need to help her!'' Softfeather leapt up and raced out. Oliveleaf followed, leaving a bewildered Shadestar behind. He was very glad that Softfeather was his sister. Foxmuzzle looked up from the fish he was eating.
   '' What's up?'' Oliveleaf was panting and Softfeather explained the situation. His gaze flicked back and forth between the two.
    '' So. There is another clan?'' Softfeather nodded. '' Wow. That is very hard to believe.'' He get's up and padded to Shadestars den. Oliveleaf bounced with impatience.

   The next day was the day of the gathering. Shadestar would say some very important words. The other clan would be saved.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Warriors: Chapter Seven(Windclan)

  Slatefeather snuck back back into camp as the dawn patrol was getting ready to leave.
'' Hey, Slatefeather! Where've you been? You are in the dawn patrol!'' He looked over and saw Fernface crossing the clearing to him. Larkfrost followed, flicking his tail impatiently. Slatefeather shrugged.
  '' I was going to the dirtplace before we left. Let's go.'' Fernface led them out the main tunnel and into the forest. Slatefeather blinked. He and Mistyheart would have to be careful tonight. He imagined the fun they were going to have. He could barely hunt he was so excited. Finally he caught a rabbit. He brought it back to camp.
   Sleekstripe padded over to him with Twigblossom behind.
 '' Hi, Slatefeather!'' Twigblossom mewed cheerfully. Sleekstripe nudged her. He looked up at Slatefeather.
  '' There's some activity on Shadowclan's border. We hope there won't be a battle.'' Slatefeather stared at them, surprised.
  '' Of course there won't!'' They stared at him confused.
'' How do you know?'' He glared.
  '' There is no battle these days. Maybe Shadowclan battles loners and stuff but not other clans. It's against the warrior code.'' They shook their heads.
  '' Shadowclan doesn't follow any rules. Remember when the whole clan abandoned the code and Rowanstar?'' Slatefeather shook his head.
  '' Some of them didn't have a choice. Like Puddleshine. Tawnypelt and Tigerheart went with Rowanstar.''
  '' Whatever.'' They mew. They padded over to the fresh-kill pile. Slatefeather thought of Mistyheart and decided that he would ask her what was going on. He nodded and went into the warriors den. He was going to get some sleep. He hoped Shadowclan was alright. Whatever was happening.

 When it was finally time to meet Mistyheart, Slatefeather was nearly blown up with anxiety. He hurried and listened for her. When he heard the bushes rustle he ran to meet her.
  '' Hi, Slatestar.'' She greeted. He nodded.
'' Hi, Mistyspark. How is your clan?'' She looked up at him confused.
  '' Oh. My clan. Well, PaloVerde and Waterpaw vanished and warriors and apprentices are getting blamed. Lionfoot is blaming everyone. Me and some other warriors are looking for them. So...'' He shrugged, understanding. There wasn't gonna be a battle after all.
  '' I could search my territory for them.'' She looked up at him and held his gaze.
'' Thank you, Slatefeather.'' He nudged her.
  '' Who are you calling Slatefeather?'' she purred and raced into the trees.
'' Quick! Badgers are attacking!'' He followed her happily. Mistyheart was safe and that's all he cared about.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Name that apprentice

Remember the rules and have fun.

Freezepaw- chestnut brown she-cat
Slushpaw- gray and white she-cat with brown flecks
Spiritpaw- pale gray tabby she-cat
Ghostpaw- gray tom with silver eyes
Ravenpaw- black and white she-cat with sharp eyes
Wolfpaw- long-furred silver she-cat
Logpaw- dark gray tom
Wavepaw- bushy, furred gray tom
Sandpaw- splotchy ginger and black tom
Elmpaw- golden brown tom with a dappled coat
Whisperpaw- white she-cat with green eyes
Elkpaw- gray tabby tom
Pantherpaw- jet black she-cat with dark brown eyes
Firpaw- brown tom with white stripes
Tabbypaw- small tabby she-cat
Whalepaw- gray tom with blue eyes and big haunches
Seapaw- reddish tabby tom

Well, that is it for today. You can wait for the next one in 2017.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Name That Apprentice(2016)

    The rules to this game are that you can only submit or comment names one time. You have to type in the Warriors name that these apprentices receive. I have chosen names and you will have to guess them. If you get it right, you will get points. Three points per name that you get right. Good luck!
 Thunderclan Apprentices
Babblepaw- pale brown tom who talks nonstop
Silentpaw- a very quiet she-cat with cream fur
Berrypaw- beige colored she-cat
Bunnypaw- small tom with a fluffy tail
Mushroompaw- ginger tom with a flat face
Cheesepaw- orange she-cat with fluffy fur
Shadepaw- white tabby she-cat with a striped paw
Whippaw- silver tabby tom
Violetpaw- white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes
Cloudypaw- white she-cat with brown paws, tail, ears, and muzzle
Mudpaw- white tom with brown paws, tail, ears, and muzzle
Specklepaw- brown spotted she-cat with cream paws
Clearpaw- black and white tom with clear eyes
Drizzlepaw- black and white she-cat
Wildpaw- tortoiseshell and white tom with yellow eyes
Bearpaw- big she-cat with broad shoulders and a half tail
Frozenpaw- black she-cat

I will post the other three clan apprentices soon. Keep Waiting!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Who is the best match for Dewberry??????

Dewberry is a lovable she-cat who is ginger and white. She has a fun personality and is very loyal to Thunderclan. She likes hunting and dislikes unnecessary battles and deaths. In other words, she is a very caring cat. She someday hopes to have kits of her own, and she likes the names, Candykit, Quietkit, and Rainkit. She just likes being calm, but cheerful at the right times. She does not like cats who get out of control.
   I have made a list of all the cats who she has access to, and you guys get to vote on who is the perfect match for her.

Nettletail- shy and quiet, doesn't turn up much in the story(light brown tabby)

Troutheart- fierce and loyal, very eager to win battles(gray and white)

Cedarspark- cheerful and funny, one who always jokes(russet tabby)

Lakeclaw- firm and talkative, always around(pale brown tabby)

Autumnleaf- active and diligent, is an extreme gossiper(dark brown with tufty fur)

Hornetpaw- springy apprentice who gets startled a lot(yellow tabby)

Rainypaw- fluffy apprentice who takes interest in Two-legs(dark gray)

Barkpaw- funny, loyal, and easy going apprentice who loves kits(gray)

  Now that you know about all the personalities, who do you think should end up with Dewberry?
This has been Who is the best match for Dewberry and I'll have more coming after. Keep an eye out for Character Traits. I will now accept your comments, so comment on!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Warriors: Chapter Six(Shadowclan)

   Mistyheart glared at Pinepaw as he explained the gathering to Thistlepaw. She was still mad at him for banging in to her. She snorted as he said.
   '' I was worried that Thunderclan would start a fight. Luckily, Shadestar stopped the argument.'' He turned around and when he saw Mistyheart glaring at him, he looked away with his ears drooping. Mistyheart felt a surge of satisfaction. He was hurt and she liked it.
  She shook her head and remembered Slatefeather. She thought of the new Windclan warrior with a warm feeling and hoped that they could be more than just friends. She got up and padded into the forest. The wind blew across her face and she relished the smell of pine needles. She couldn't imagine living on the moor or by the lake. She liked it here in the forest of Shadowclan.
   Mistyheart looked into the foggy night sky and breathed in deeply. She was happy to be a warrior here and couldn't imagine being anything else. She turned as she heard someone stumble. Pinepaw shook his head and blinked at her.
  '' I... Well, I just wanted to ask you if I did something wrong. And if I did, well, I am sorry.'' Mistyheart looked at him, feeling pleased. The fact that he had followed her into the cold, dark, forest, just to apoligize to her, made  her feel dazzled.
  '' Oh, Pinepaw. You didn't do anything wrong. I was just mad at myself, that's all. Thank you for apologizing.'' he nodded, looking embarrassed. He licked his chest fur and Mistyheart let out a mrrow of laughter. He looked up surprised but then relaxed.
  '' Oh, well, your welcome.'' Mistyheart got to her paws.
'' Let's go. I am tired.'' she watched as he gave a little hop of delight. He then turned and followed her.

Mistyheart crept out of her nest slowly. She was going to go see Slatefeather. Beside her, Lionfoot stirred slightly. Mistyheart held her breath and pressed on.  When she finally got out into the forest, she broke into a run. She ran to the two-leg place and sat, waiting. When she heard rustles in some nearby bushes, she nearly jumped out of her fur.
   When Slatefeather emerged she looked up.
'' Oh, hi Mistyheart! I hoped that you would come. So, what should we do?'' Mistyheart purred.
'' Play of course! I will be the leader! And I name you Slatefoot!'' Slatefeather shook his head.
  '' One: I am the leader, and two: I name you Mistyspark!'' Mistyheart shrugged.
'' All right, Slatestar!'' She then pretended to be stalking a mouse. They together played that there was a battle, and that they were the best fighters in the clan.
  '' Mistyspark! Look out! A Thunderclan warrior is behind you!'' Mistyheart whipped around and slashed at the open air. She looked out into the trees and saw the light of dawn.
  '' Slatefeather! It is dawn! Quick go back to your clan!'' Slatefeather pushed past her and looked back as he bounded away.
  '' Come meet me same place, same time, tonight!'' Mistyheart nodded and yowled.
'' I'll be there!'' And she would. Nothing was going to stop her.